Red Dingo Puppy Kits

Red Dingo Puppy Kits

Red Dingo Puppy Kit (Collar, Lead & Harness)


Red Dingo Puppy Kits include an Extra Small Dog Collar, Lead & Harness.

The Extra Small Lead is not available to buy individually and is specially fitted with a lightweight stainless steel clip for use with your puppy or small toy dog.


You save money if you purchase these 3 items as a pack compared to buying them individually.


Red Dingo is an Australian company who have put together a wide variety of Dog leads, Dog collars and Dog ID Tags to suit all kinds of canine customers. Big or small, dark or ginger there’s something for every fur coat. All the Red Dingo products are strength and safety tested to the highest quality standard in manufacturing terms, embracing design without ever compromising functionality.



  One Size
Collar Width 12mm
Collar Length 20-32cm


  One Size
Lead Width 12mm
Lead Length 1.2m


  One Size
Harness Width 12mm
Harness Neck Size 25-39cm
Harness Body Size 30-44cm